Hesed Shel Emet,┬áthe Oregon Jewish Indigent Burial Society, recognizes that all Jews deserve to be buried with dignity regardless of their financial circumstance. Hesed’s mission is to provide an honored burial for individuals who could notafford to plan for their own Jewish burial in keeping with the traditions and practices of Judaism.

Established by the Oregon Board of Rabbis and facilitated by the Jewish Federation of Greater Portland, this partnership is dedicated to assuring that every Jew, regardless of financial means or religious affiliation, receives a dignified, traditional Jewish funeral and burial.

Our religion and civilization have always honored the value of Hesed Shel Emet.

We have this obligation…

Whether an individual has means or not, it is our responsibility to show this kindness and reverence to those among us who have died

For more information on Hesed Shel Emet, please email or call program administrator, Lisa Spiegel at 503-564-8420

Chevra Kavod Hamet

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