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Curriculum Codes

A Orientation and “Tikkun Olam: Jewish Ethics, Social Action and Politics”

B The Hebrew Calendar

C Shabbat, A Cathedral in Time: Home and Synagogue Observance

D Ancient Hebrews: The Biblical Period – Earliest History of the Israelite Religion

E Rabbinic Judaism: From Nation to Religion, From Sacrifice to Prayer

F Guides to Jewish Life: Halakha and Aggadah (Talmud, Commentary, Codes and Responsa)

G Diaspora: Exile and Return, Israel, and Communities around the World

H God and Theology: Covenant and Theodicy

I Pesakh: The Jewish Master Story – History and Celebration

J Jewish Mysticism: Sefirot, Spirituality and “God Talk”

K Prayer: Community and Private Worship

L The Jewish Home, Practice and Ritual: Mitzvot, Kashrut, Tikkun Olam, Mezuzah, Family Traditions

M Anti-Semitism: History of Jewish/Christian Relations in Europe and America – Church Driven Jew-Hatred and Modern Political Anti-Semitism

N Life Cycle Events: Birth, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Marriage, Divorce, Death, Mourning

O Israel and Zionism

P Varieties of Judaism: The Concept of “Movements” A Panel Discussion

Q The High Holy Days: History, Observance, Significance

R The American Jewish Community: History. Agencies, Community Relations