Questions from students

Intro to Judaism student, Amy S., writes:

I was looking for a list of all the places that were recommended to get good challah bread. Do you recall any of the places that were mentioned? (referring to Rabbi Rachel Joseph’s class on 2/6/20, “Shabbat: A Cathedral in Time”)


Hi, Amy,

Rabbi Joseph mentioned “Baker and Spice” in Hillsdale. They strongly encourage you to pre-order your challah, as it sells out quickly. Place your order with a credit card over the phone at (503) 244-7573. For Friday pickup, place your order BEFORE 6pm on Thursday.

Other places to get challah include the bakeries at Safeway on SW Barbur Blvd and Albertsons on SW Beavtn-Hilsdl Hwy (at Shattuck Rd). Also, at Grand Central Bakery on SW Multnomah Blvd and the Cedar Mill location.

Fred Meyer carries challah at these locations: Burlingame, Stadium (downtown), Hawthorne, and Hollywood.

Others have suggested Market of Choice, New Cascadia Traditional (GF), New Seasons and The Challahman.

I hope this helps!

Intro to Judaism student, Brad S., writes,

I am curious about the histories of the congregations where our classes meet. Could we have a peek into the past about these places?  I’d like to get an appreciation of the history of Jews & Judaism in this area.


Hi, Brad,

Some local synagogue history will be covered during the class, “The American Jewish Community.”

We definitely encourage our students to visit the local synagogues. Both Beth Israel and Neveh Shalom offer tours of their facilities on request.

The Intro to Judaism class does not currently offer the exact content you suggest.  Here are some links to synagogue histories:

History of Jews in Portland, Oregon (article by Judith Margles of the Oregon Jewish Museum)