The Introduction to Judaism Class taught by The Oregon Board of Rabbis is offered twice in each academic year. The eighteen classes in each session will be taught by members of The Oregon Board of Rabbis representing many of the different streams or movements in Judaism. Classes rotate to several different locations in the Greater Portland Area. A carefully constructed curriculum includes Jewish history, life cycle events, holidays and Holy Days, ritual and daily practice, theology, mysticism, study of Torah and contemporary Jewish America.

Students come from a variety of backgrounds: some are Jews reclaiming their heritage; some are people interested in converting to Judaism, while others are investigating different religions in search of a spiritual comfort level. Many students have a Jewish partner and want to better understand that partner’s background. All are people wanting to learn more about the Jewish faith and what it has to offer.

The “Intro Class” is open to adults over eighteen years of age and presents well prepared lectures, stimulating discussions, breakout group activities, and practice of some blessings and songs. WHILE NOT A CONVERSION CLASS, most members of The Oregon Board of Rabbis consider this course a prerequisite for students beginning conversion study with a rabbi of their choice. The class facilitator is available to discuss this process and for private consultations regarding the experience of Jewish education.

The fee for the course is $360 (per student or per couple sharing materials) and includes a Chumash (Hebrew/English Bible), a notebook of reference materials, as well as supplementary material distributed throughout the course. Classes are held on Thursday evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM, and rotate between seven different venues which are published on the schedule for the session.

For more information about the course and registration procedure contact
Sheri Cordova, Class Facilitator, email LSCORD@COMCAST.NET. Thank you.